Showstopper Mini Tree


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  • 3 Tier Mini Tree 55″ tall x 22.5″ wide with the included 50 node 2 layer star (star is not part of the xmodel, built in the layout with the star model)
  • Tree is 44″x 22.5″  350 nodes + 50 in the star
  • Many states and submodels to choose from and sequence to
  • The magic of this tree is unlocked at submodel level. This means you should always sequence to the submodel level.
  • Grouping of this model into various groups should not include the main element of the model but instead use the MT submodel or other various submodels to get the desired effect.
  • When mapping effects to this model directly, map to the MT or MT alternate middle submodel to unlock the potential. Again, not recommended to use the main element of the model
  • This high density mini tree will really get the job done with very little effort. Mini tree effects will map directly to the submodel or group with submodel in it with ease, and if you map from a sequence that uses the multiple submodels, then you will see a depth you’ve never seen in other mini trees
  • EFL brought you the NSR series of flat trees when there were no flat trees. Now the 3 tier NSR
  • Black or White coro
  • Ships one layer in a 48×24 box

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Black, White