Pixel Pole NSR


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  • NSR pixel pole like the others in the NSR series gives the rounded appearance in a flat prop that has smaller footprint for both your display and storage
  • each pole is 46″ and 2 can be stacked to make an 8ft pole. 7.5″ wide
  • The layout of the pixel holes are rounded on one end and slowly come to the other end flush. It is recommended that the flush side be towards eye level. Example if on the ground then the flat side should be on top. If on the roof or other high spot then the flat should be down. If using 2 poles to create a larger pole, then the flats go to each other no matter the height.
  • The pole is created as a matrix in either xlights or LOR.  Having the flat model in your preview is what will give you the rounding appeal that the NSR layout creates. When creating your matrix model, make it slightly wider than the actual model to give it the room needed for the skew to happen.
  • The pole is 6 row x 50 nodes high. Totaling 300 pixels
  • 6 row can do text

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