EFL Snowman for Motor Arm


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  • This version of the snowman does not include motor or hardware. List of material below. PLEASE READ ALL DESCRIPTION BEFORE PURCHASE
  • This is a modification of the original snowman with the lighted waving arm. Instead this option uses an animation kit available from Mattos Designs . Take a look at the waving arm on the original snowman if you don’t want to deal with moving parts.
  • This is very much a DIY prop but is put together with parts and hardware easily found at your local Lowes or hardware store. Again the digital waving arm of the original snowman is EZ and doesn’t require fitting. You are responsible for proper install of all components and are required to troubleshoot failures. DIY.  All instructions are suggestive and can be improved as seen fit. 
  • For this model the lower arm beneath the waving portion has been deleted and instead includes a more robust arm that attaches to the prop and the Mattos Motor.
  • Available with 10×25 matrix chosen in the options tab
    This model requires the customer to cut a 2×4 to shape for the arm and motor mount using a drill and a saw of choice.
  • There are existing holes in the prop for placement.
  • 10mm white coro, cut in two pieces, slit and folded for shipping. Backer plates included
  • 7ft tall around 42 in wide. Not a little guy
  • Materials Supplied by customer
    Gorilla Glue
    Wood Screws/ at least 4 screws, 1 to 1 1/2″ long. Number 6 or 8 size
    2×4 at least 7″ long,
    3= 5/16×1″ bolt
    2=1/4×1″ bolt
    1=1/4×3″ bolt
    6= 5/16 flat washer
    6= 1/4 flat washer
    3= 5/16 nylon lock nut
    3=1/4 nylon lock nut
    2= m6x1.0 screw 1/2 to 3/4 long. With locks washers for the motor Recommended HILLMAN FLAT washer, Nylon 1-1/8 x .54 x 1/8
    Hillman 1/4-in I.D. x 1/2-in O.D. x 1/2-in Long Natural Nylon Spacers for the arm pivot
  • Ships in a 48×24 box 4 layers
  • https://www.facebook.com/EFLDesigns/videos/154122426702618

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