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  • Simple and elegant.
  • 150 nodes total, 3 rows of 50 allow for spectacular effects while creating ideal model chaining to the next. In one side and out the other.
  • Great for displaying in the front because they don’t block too much view for other display items behind them.
  • Two pieces for each arch that is made from 10mm coro.
  • Zip tied together and is sturdy enough to only need something to prop to the stand. No hoops needed but can be used.
  • 4ft wide 2ft tall
  • Add a Bow/Star backer to create more interest to the arches.
  • These add ons are a take from the BowStar that is an optional topper for the singing tree that was adapted to the arches.
  • Includes submodels for the bow and the star so that they can be put into groups or sequenced seperately.
  • This backer is not necessary for the arches as the arches are stand alone but can add quite an appeal and fill in the holes in your arch display. 100 nodes to add to the 150 ct arch makes a 250 node prop. Perfect amount if not power injecting

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Arches, Backer