It Remix EFL Version



  1. This is a good sequence to see how the use of multiple face effect can be used to create different effects
  2. You can see how the Dark face is used to allow effects to "sing thru" the props.
  3. Similarly how the bat uses states to fly with the effects coming thru using a timing track. Notice bats flap opposite of each other due to the calls for states being reversed on the model.
  4. The evil clown has an EYE only face definition that keeps the eye active. Uses the Dark Clown face definition to darken the face and allow the sub effects come thru while the clown and other singing props are in the whole house group. And the regular clown face definition uses forced colors. And the use of the buffer to squeeze the clown face at the beginning of the sequence. 
  5. The Ghost has backlights that in my personal display is defined by using 80% brightness on the controller as compared to the other props set at 30%. While there is a brightness mask placed on the submodel to dim all the ghost effects to 20% while the back lights remain unfiltered to help with the glow. 
  6. Original sequence was available in the google drive. 

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