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On occasion we have questions when processing your order and may need to contact you. Please make sure your email and telephone info is correct.

Shipping coro is a challenge. We try to box and ship as many items as we can together to save on shipping and box costs. Some items require shipping in different size boxes. We recommend ordering several things at a time so that the cost of shipping is distributed over several products. Preferably items that fit in the same size box. Or possibly sharing shipping with someone local. Pick up is an option for any one local.

Save money by choosing the right props
Let’s talk about the boxes and how to save money on shipping. First and foremost, shipping is an expensive part of purchasing coro. I would like to see you get the most out of your money. Here are a few tips and tricks to help save.

First, shipping one prop can be make overall cost of a prop shoot up a terrible amount. The cost of shipping includes not only the prop, but the box and the initial shipping fee. The shipping fee is calculated by volume of the box and distance. But there will be a certain amount that will be charged per box.

That being said, when the dimensions of the box goes into the calculator, the thickness is never less than one inch. A prop is 10mm. An inch is 25.4mm. This means that you can ship the first two layers in a box for the same price as the one by itself. This shares the shipping cost between the two.

The cost of shipping may only vary by a few dollars if you get another layer in the box. This makes the thickness go up by one inch but you aren’t paying the initial box price. That would put you at 3 layers. At this point a 2″ box can handle 5 layers. You have room for 2 more layers before the next inch.

Do you see where I am going? Ordering one prop at one layer is way more expensive than optimizing your box load. The number of layers in a box determines the thickness of a box. 2 layers 1″, 5 layers 2″, 7 layers 3″, 10 layers 4″, 12 layers 5″. After 5 inches on a 48″x24″ box, the girth of the box will make the shipping cost double. At which point we will ship in two boxes.

Second, Buy items of similar sizing. Not all props will ship in the same size box. I design my props to fit in a certain box. To have some diversity, there are some wider but shorter props that will not fit in a 24″ wide box. Some are larger and require splitting to ship. These take up two layers in a box. Smaller wider props are best shipped in a different size box to avoid slitting. For instance, a EFL Pumpkin is 30″. It won’t fit in a 24″ wide box with an Evil Clown unless it is cut.

What I am saying is match prop sizes to the box you are building and if you want to buy a prop that fits in a different box then refer back to the first part. Fill the new box to optimize it. If you order 10 layers of props in a 48×24 box and order 1 30″ singing star, that star constitutes a new box by itself. 1 layer with new shipping costs.

In short, I recommend optimizing your box to share the cost of shipping as much as possible. Each additional inch will add cost but won’t be as much as shipping a new box. Plan your display and make larger orders instead on many orders through out the year. Match props by box size and optimize orders through each different box.

You will see in the description of each prop on my website a layer count and box size or sizes it will fit in. If the layer count is .5, such as the case of a 24″ singing star in a 48″ box, 2 stars will be laid flat end to end to only utilize one layer. If your total box layers end on a half layer, then round up.

I hope this helps you to save money. I am in the business of selling props and I will sell you one layer in a box, but I don’t make my money from shipping. I would rather you save your money and spend more on the hobby, rather than shipping.